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What is your deal Silver Circle?

Through massage I encourage you to reconnect to the body you casually cart about, abuse and often ignore.

An integral part of my treatment is helping you understand how and why issues may have arisen in your body — along side some amazing soft tissue work — of course.

I believe that when you understand what you feel you have the power to heal your body faster and the ability to make changes *read: add movement * that will keep you healthy and pain free.

Join me for a glorious escape…

A retreat that will be the essence of Silver Circle but in a pleasingly long format.

A full long weekend of moving, resting and connecting to your body.

An invitation to shut off the noise of the world.

Some quiet for you to listen to what your body needs.  

(Psst it might be movement)


Move your body.

Move on from this weird year.

Move towards the vision you have of yourself.


Rest your body.

Rest your racing mind.

Rest from the pressures of hectic life.


Connect to your body.

Connect with nature.

Connect to your inner child again!

Why are you doing a retreat?

I want to help your bodies return to being strong, mobile, and connected to the rest of you.

I have created this weekend as an opportunity for you to learn more about how to look after your body away from the massage table through nutritious movement, self massage and mobility.

This has been turbulent year and this feels like the right time to bring some good vibes into the universe by combining  my three big loves — moving, being outside, and food.

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