Come and

Move - Rest - Connect

with us.

Join us for a glorious escape…

Very excited to announce that Silver Circle and Sampuran Yoga are teaming up to offer you a retreat that will have you reconnecting to your body and breath through yoga, breath work, meditation and massage.

A full long weekend of moving, resting and connecting to your body and mind.

An invitation to shut off the noise of the world.


Move your body.

Move your breathing parts.

Move towards a more mobile, open you.


Rest your body.

Rest your racing mind.

Rest from the pressures of hectic life.


Connect to your body.

Connect with your breath.

Connect with nature.

Meet your hosts.

And find out why we might be nice to hang out with and learn from.

Sampuran Yoga (Sam)

My passion for martial arts led me to yoga because I was looking for a way to help my body move and recover better for my next martial arts class. Practicing both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and yoga has made me a more confident, calm, motivated, and determined person and helped me become who I am today, feeling much better in my body and mind. The yoga practice has also helped me understand and recognize negative thought patterns I sometimes fall into and become more accepting of who I am.

One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned from yoga and applied daily in martial arts training is the ability to control my breath and stay calm in some pretty stressful situations, both physically and mentally. When we manage to control our breath under stress, we can think and act more clearly and efficiently.

I believe that with a consistent yoga practice, we can all experience better performance, improved health, and greater peace of mind.

Silver Circle (Anna)

I am obsessed with human bodies, they are fascinating, beautiful feats of engineering and works of art.  It is my pleasure to devote my life to the discovery of how they move and why.

Everyone has a body and so it is a medium that I can connect to others through as I help them understand and move them.

Through massage I encourage you to reconnect to the body you casually cart about, abuse and often ignore.

An integral part of my treatment is helping you understand how and why issues may have arisen in your body — along side some amazing soft tissue work — of course.

I believe that when you understand what you feel you have the power to heal your body faster and the ability to make changes *read: add movement * that will keep you healthy and pain free.

Why are you doing a retreat?

We want to help your bodies return to being strong, mobile, and connected to the rest of you.

We have created this weekend as an opportunity for you to learn more about how to look after your body and deepen your understanding of how it connects to your breath through yoga, self massage and mobility.

Often a one hour class or treatment leaves you wanting more — you have the desire to continue giving your body the movement and space it craves — but not the time!

We want you to have that time, to join up some wellness dots and really feel the benefit.

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